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certificate in biotechnology

Certificate Program in Biotechnology

This postbaccalaureate credit certificate program provides intensive theoretical and laboratory training in the techniques and application of genetic engineering and related technologies. The program is designed to prepare students for employment in industrial or academic research positions or for advanced study in molecular biology. Courses taken to fulfill certificate requirements may also be applied toward the master's degree in biology.

The certificate program requires completion of a minimum of 26 units, taken in postbaccalaureate or graduate standing, of which 19 are in required courses and seven or more are in electives. Refer to the Graduate Study chapter of the University Catalog for general information governing all certificate programs.

Prerequisites for Admission to the Program:

Admission, in classified graduate standing, to the Department of Biological Sciences or the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Completion with a B (3.0) grade point average or higher, of the following courses or equivalents:

BIOL 380 or
MICR 340
Cell Biology (lecture and laboratory) or
Microbial Genetics
CHEM 431ABC Biochemistry (lecture)
CHEM 432AB Biochemistry (laboratory) (recommended)

As space is available, students who have not completed these prerequisites may be admitted to a core course (see below) with the consent of the instructor, but award of the certificate is contingent upon completion of all prerequisites for the program. Students who have had neither a laboratory course in nor employment experience with sterile microbiological techniques must complete MICR 202 (Microbiology Laboratory for Health-Related Sciences-2 units) during their first quarter in the certificate program.

Requirements for the Certificate (minimum 26 units)

Required Core (19 units)
BIOL 417 Principles of Gene Manipulation (4)
BIOL 517 Seminar: Gene Manipulation (3)
BIOL 519 Genetic Engineering Laboratory (8)
BIOL 595 Individual Research in Gene Manipulation (4)
Electives (minimum 7 units)
Select from following; include no more than 6 units in seminars.
BIOL 413 Molecular Diagnostics (4)
BIOL 416 Molecular Genetics (4)
BIOL 437 Advanced Cell Physiology (4)
BIOL 515 Seminar: Genetics (3)
BIOL 516 Microbial Genetics (3)
BIOL 518 Biotechnology Skills Laboratory I (5)
BIOL 525 Seminar: Developmental Biology (3)
BIOL 539 Seminar: Cell Biology (3)
CHEM 432AB Biochemistry Laboratory (2, 2)
CHEM 503 Advanced Biochemistry (3)
MICR 401 General Virology (3)
MICR 430 Bacterial Physiology (3)
MICR 433 Bacterial Physiology Laboratory (2)

Note: This information was taken from the University Catalog.

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