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Talgua Archaeological Project Time-Line
Sept. 1994 Investigation of the Talgua Cave Ossuary
Nov. 1994 The first two radiocarbon dates place the Talgua burials at 800 & 1000 B.C. Camie Campbell at the Smithsonian Institution determines that the red pigment is ochre, an iron based pigment.
June-July 1995 Preliminary investigation and excavation of the Talgua Village by Dr. George Hasemann;

Donald Stierman begins archaeological prospection at the Talqua Village.

Settlement pattern survey of the Talgua River drainage by Dr. Boyd Dixon Investigation of Talgua, Piedra Blanca, Boquaron, Jamasquire and Cueva Grande Caves by James Brady and John Fogarty.
Oct. 1995 Radiocarbon dating of the Talgua Village shows that it was inhabited during the Late Classic.

Another C14 date pushes the origins of the Talgua Cave ossuary back to 1400 B.C.
May-July 1996 Barbara Luke begins archaeological prospection at the Talgua Village. Christopher Begley begins excavation at the Talgua Village. Stierman returns to the Talgua Village. The Cueva de las Araņas is mapped and investigated Pastor Gomez excavates the Cueva de Jamasquire.
Sept. 1996 Radiocarbon date for the Cueva de las Araņas falls at 915 B.C. Stable isotope analysis shows that Talguans are not eating maize.
Aug. 2000 X-ray fluorescence detects Guatemalan obsidians in the Olancho Valley.

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