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AAAs scholars lecture series

AAAS Symposium - Speak Up: Domestic Violence in API Communities (10/29/13)

Cosponsored by AAAS and its community partner Center for the Pacific Asian Family, the AAAS Fall 13 Scholars Lecture was a symposium dedicated to Domestic Violence Awareness Month (click here for a flyer). Debra Suh, CPAF executive director, gave a powerful and inspiring keynote speech on domestic violence and sexual assault among API communities. Citing researches on prevention and intervention as well as CPAF's successes, she called upon students to be vigilant and get involved! Other speakers include Kimiko Kelly (CPAF Outreach and Engagement Program Director), Siyon Rhee (Professor of Social Work), Dora Dang (AAAS student, CPAF trainee), Frances Siu (Professor of Special Education and Counseling), Micheal Willard ( Faculty Director of Community- Based Learning), and Harkmore Lee (Director of Center on Child Welfare). NSS Dean James Henderson and more than 60 students and faculty attended the symposium.


Keynote Speaker Debra Suh



The audience. Front left: NSS Dean James Henderson, Dr. Michael Willard, Harkmore Lee, Dr. Siyon Rhee.



Kimiko Kelly, CPAF Outreach and Engagement Program Director



Siyon Rhee, Professor of Social Work


Dora Dang

Dora Dang, AAAS student and CPAF trainee



Frances Siu, Professor of Special Education and Counseling



Michael Willard, Faculty Director of Community- Based Learning at CSULA



Harkmore Lee, Director of Center on Child Welfare at CSULA


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