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Division of Academic Affairs

Office of Undergraduate Studies

Office: Administration 725 | Phone: 323.343.3830 | FAX: 323.343.5914

As a unit within the Division of Academic Affairs, the Office of Undergraduate Studies supports the development, improvement, and maintenance of strong undergraduate programs and related policies. It provides leadership, feedback or input, as appropriate, for changing, enhancing or improving existing programs and policies. The Office of Undergraduate Studies also provides leadership in the development of academic support programs that require an institution-wide response.

Undergraduate Studies is also responsible for ensuring that the laws, regulations and campus policies that apply to undergraduate education are implemented fairly and consistent with their intent. To this end, the Office of Undergraduate Studies reviews and acts on student petitions for exceptions to University policy.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies oversees and/or has responsibility for a number of programs including Academic Advisement, Articulation, General Education, Credit for Prior Experiential Learning (CPEL), Cooperative Education, Special Majors, the Writing Proficiency Examination. The following offices report to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies: The University Academic Advisement Center, the University Testing Center, the University Writing Center, the University Tutorial Center, and the Center for Engaged Learning.

A Message From The Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Howard Masuda

I would like to congratulate Dr. Howard Masuda, Director of the University Tutorial Center, who will be honored as a past President in a ceremony by the Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance (ACTLA) at the 40th Annual ACTLA Conference on Saturday, April 26, 2014, in Anaheim, California.

ACTLA was organized in 1973 with the purpose of improving tutorial programs and services in California. More than 30 years after its inception ACTLA is now a national organization but retains its original purpose: improving tutorial programs and related services.  ACTLA is part of   a consortium of prominent national education associations called the Council of Learning Assistance and Developmental Education Associations (CLADEA).

Dr. Masuda has also been nominated by the ACTLA Executive Board as a CLADEA Fellow in Learning Assistance and Developmental Education.   This fellowhsip is similar to professional associations in academic fields such as science, medicine, education, and psychology who honor their outstanding members by electing them “Fellows.”  A Fellow represents the upper echelon of the practitioners, researchers, teachers, and administrators in the Learning Assistance and Developmental Education fields who have made significant contributions.  

I take this opportunity to recognize the excellence of a Cal State L.A. staff member and salute him for his devotion to our students.


Dean of Undergraduate Studies of Academic Affairs
Dr. Jun Xing



The Office of Undergraduate Studies serves as the clearinghouse, at the University level, for all curriculum, undergraduate and graduate. Curriculum approved at the school level is forwarded to the Office of Undergraduate Studies for referral to the appropriate subcommittee(s) or to be added to the curriculum file.

To view the Curriculum Handbook, click here.


Articulation is the process by which the faculty from two or more institutions reviews similar courses from their respective institutions to determine if the content of courses is sufficiently comparable to warrant formally accepting one for the other. Among other things, completing an articulated course at one institution assures the receiving institution that the necessary background and preparation has been provided to enable the student to progress to the next level of instruction at the receiving institution. This process is facilitated by the Articulation Officer who maintains all articulation agreements and reports to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. All articulation agreements are posted on

To view a list of courses at local community colleges that fullfill the remediation requirement, click here.

Special Majors

The Office of Undergraduate Studies oversees undergraduate Special Majors. The Special Major provides an opportunity for selected students to pursue individualized programs of study if their academic and professional goals cannot be met through existing degree programs or combinations of programs (e.g., majors, minors). The Special Major is not a means of by passing normal graduation requirements. To be eligible, students must meet specific Special Major requirements. (This form is in Adobe Acrobat format. See link below to get the Adobe Acrobat reader.)


Instructions and Information for Students

Students may petition for review of certain University academic regulations when unusual circumstances exists; however, some academic regulations, such as those contained in Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, are not subject to petition. Please consult with an advisor in your major department/division or an advisor in the University Academic Advisement Center  to determine whether you have a petitionable request.

Extension of Incompletes must be submitted before the one year expires. An extension will be granted for only one additional year with instructor’s signature.

All petitions must be filed in your major department/division office. Undergraduate students with undeclared majors should file petitions in the Academic Advisement Center, LIB S1040A. Departments/divisions will forward the petition and documentation to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Adm. 725, 8254-1.

Do not submit petitions without all required information and signatures; petitions that are incomplete will be returned without action.

Click here for the "General Academic Petition for Undergraduate Requirements." 

This page contains a file that requires Adobe Acrobat to view. If you need an Adobe viewer, you can Download Adobe Reader for free.

Admissions General Information

Requirements for admission to California State University, Los Angeles are set in accordance with Title 5, Chapter 1, Subchapter 3, of the California Code of Regulations. Complete information is available at Information is also available from Cal State L.A.'s Office of Admissions and Recruitment, Student Affairs 101, phone (323) 343-CSLA.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies Team

Jun Xing, Dean
Steven Jones, Associate Dean
Cheryl Pugh, Administrative Analyst/ Articulation Officer
Hilda Basulto, Office Assistant
Steve Krentzman, Catalog Editor
Naomi Martinez, Student Assistant
Alba Aron, Student Assistant

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