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Semester Course Unit Conversion Tool
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Quarter Units:


Introduction to Semester

  Quarters Semesters
Term Length 10 Weeks each term 15 weeks for Primary terms
Primary Terms Fall, Winter, Spring Fall, Spring
Optional Terms Summer Summer
Tuition Annual Tuition dividied into three Primary Terms.
Optional Terms not included
Annual Tuitions divided into two Primary Terms.
Optional Terms not included
Financial Aid Annual Award is divided into three Quarters Annual Award is divided into two Semesters
Recommended Class Load 15 Units per Quarter 15 Units per Semester
Class Times Current Quarter course time
New Semester course timeblocks
Academic Year Calendar September - June August - May
Minimum Units Bachelor's: 180 Quarter Units
Master's: 45 Quarter Units
Bachelor's: 120 Semester Units
Master's: 30 Semester Units
Classsification Requirement
Quarter Semester
Freshmen 0-44 units completed 0-29 units completed
Sophmore 45-89 units completed 30-59 units completed
Junior 90-134 units completed 60-89 units completed
Senior 135+ units completed 90+ units completed
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