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Partners in Conversion

The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning



Off-Campus Resources

The Chronicle of Higher Education


Information for Faculty

This site is intended to address faculty concerns and questions during and after the conversion process. The various resources available to faculty are described and as information becomes available it will be posted on this site.

Things to Know
Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty
Benefits for faculty*From Cal Poly Pomona
Teaching Load
Curriculum Conversion Timeline
Faculty Resources

Resources will be made available to faculty during the conversion process. Departments may request funding for faculty retreats allowing the faculty to decide how much transformation they would like or need to make.

A Step-By-Step Guide for Conversion is provided as well as a checklist that may be used during the process. Specific assistance for curriculum mapping, student learning outcomes, assessment, and course redesign is presented in the following pages. Faculty may also request an individual appointment with the Director of Program Review and Assessment or with CETL.

Approval/Notification for new State Supported Credential or Degree Programs
Reverse Timeline for Launching of a New Program
WASC 2013 Excerpt Regarding Baccalaureate programs
ECAR Results
Academic Vision for Conversion
120 Semester Units for a CSU Baccalaureate Degree
Financial Aid on the Semester System, A Comparison of CSU Basin Campuses
Human and Information Resources
Quarter Units to Semester Units Conversion Table
Course Classification Numbers