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Student Learning Outcomes

Note: This document is intended as a general guide. Faculty are encouraged to adopt or adapt this information to fit the specific and pedagogical concerns of their discipline.

Student learning outcomes (SLOs) are statements that clearly state the expected knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies that students are expected to acquire. Student learning outcomes at the institutional level refer to the knowledge, skills and attitudes a student should be able to demonstrate as a result of their educational experiences in the academic major, general education, in meeting university graduation requirements and through co-curricular experiences. Student learning outcomes at the program level refer to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes a student demonstrates at the completion of an academic degree program. Course SLOs refer to what students demonstrate at the end of a course. Student learning outcomes are:

  • Specific to the program and institution
  • Clearly expressed and understandable by multiple audiences
  • Written in terms that are measurable* and observable
  • Posted in multiple places including the departmental/program website
  • Updated regularly to reflect current disciplinary requirements
  • Dynamic, and updated based on data and information regarding student learning achievement

*A useful list of relevant verbs describing measurable student learning achievement for each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy may be found here:

Office of Semester Conversion, 9/18/13