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Awards and Funding

The Office of the Provost is sponsoring one Semester Conversion retreat for each interested department in the Fall Quarter.

Funding will be provided for a standard continental breakfast and box lunch equivalent to $25 per attendee. Please make arrangements for food and on-campus meeting space according to your standard college/department process.  The Golden Eagle catering contact is Daniel Keenan at x6774.  Departments that have already scheduled an on-campus retreat should coordinate with their resource manager an equivalent level of reimbursement from the Provost’s Office.

The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning is working with the Provost to provide additional materials on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of semester conversion as well as course redesign materials at Fall Faculty Day, Monday, September 23.

CETL will also provide workshops next quarter on curriculum mapping and backwards redesign for departments that want to take advantage of the conversion process in order to revise their curriculum and programs to better support student success and the Graduation Initiative.  Please contact CETL if you would like assistance with your retreat programming as well.

Promising Course Redesign
A description of funding available for Promising Course Redesign will be available soon.