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The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer of the university. In addition to the academic schools and departments, she has overall responsibility for the library, continuing education, records and registration, and University learning services. In addition to the responsibility for Academic Affairs, she has overall responsibility for campus enrollment management and quality service initiative and shares responsibility for the campus strategic planning process with the Vice President for Information Resources Management. She serves as the chair of the board of the Edmund G. "Pat" Brown Institute of Public Affairs (Governor of California 1958-66), which has been charged with developing imaginative and pragmatic approaches to public policy issues facing California today.

The incumbent is Margaret J. Hartman, who concurrently holds the positions of tenured Professor of Biology. Dr. Hartman joined the faculty in 1970 as an Assistant Professor of Zoology immediately after receiving her Ph.D. degree in Entomology at Oregon State University. As indicated in her curriculum vitae, she has held numerous administrative positions on the campus. In addition, she has served as an Extramural Associate at the National Institutes of Health and as an AASCU fellow.

Under her direction, Academic Affairs is working to meet the goals and objectives of the campus strategic plan. The efforts to be undertaken in 1998-99 are outlined in her speech to the faculty on Fall Faculty Day, September 22, 1998.


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