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Student Symposium Registration Form

Currently enrolled CSULA undergraduate or graduate students as well as recent graduates who received their degrees the previous year’s spring, summer, or fall are eligible to participate. The Symposium is open to students from all majors, and to both undergraduate and graduate students. Proprietary research is excluded. Topics for these presentations may be in any of the following 10 categories:


• Behavioral and Social Sciences
• Biological and Agricultural Sciences
• Business, Economics, and Public Administration
• Creative Arts and Design**
• Education
• Engineering and Computer Science
• Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences
• Humanities and Letters
• Physical and Mathematical Sciences
• Interdisciplinary
**Entrants in the Creative Arts and Design category may present an audio and/or visual record of a performance they have given or a work they have created; an oral presentation should focus on the rationale and historical context underlying their interpretation of the material.


Complete information on procedures and online application guidelines are available here.

The required online application can be accessed here:



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