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Monica Rodriguez

Monica Rodriguez
M.A. in anthropology, expected completion: summer 2006

* Completing master's thesis on health screening services in L.A. County
* Begins Ph.D. program at Wayne State University (Detroit) in the fall, specializing in medical anthropology

Cal State L.A. experience:

* "When I got here I wasn't really focused, but I was guided by my professors and saw how education could open doors for me."
* "It's been a really positive experience because I've had great guidance."
* "Cal State L.A. has opened doors for me, and I've discovered a lot of things you can do with a degree in anthropology."
* "My professors have been good role models."
* "CSULA has provided me with the background I need to be successful in a Ph.D. program. I learned a lot that I'll be able to use at the next level."
* "I was really happy with my professors. They were always available for me."

Why Cal State L.A.?

* "L.A.'s an ideal place to get education. There are so many resources in L.A., and not just school and professors!"
* "It's the perfect training ground to get experience in your field. You can take what professors taught you and apply it."

Future plans:

* To earn Ph.D. in medical anthropology and become a professor who works in a research setting as well as an academic setting.
* Monica is now in a Ph.D. program at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan. Monica receive a full-ride for her program at Wayne State.

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