Student and Alumni Profiles.

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Luis Ramirez
M.A., Chicano Studies, 2007

* Ph.D. student at University of California, Davis in the School of Education (Language, Literacy & Culture).

Cal State L.A. experience:

* "The Chicana/o Studies program allowed me to specifically focus on an interest that prepared me for doctoral study."
* "My professors, specifically my mentor Dr. Ester Hernandez, guided me through the thesis writing process and gave me the confidence that I need as I continue my education."
* "I have nothing but positive things to say about Cal State L.A. My experiences were academically and personally fulfilling."

Why Cal State L.A.?

* "My focus on Latina/o students in Southern California motivated me to continue my studies at Cal State L.A."
* "Its central location made commuting a lot easier for someone who worked full-time. Like me!"

Future Plans:

* "Once I finish my doctoral degree, I would love to come back and teach within the CSU system."
* "I will continue my anthropological interests with students who are usually marginalized within the school system. This research is the reason I'm now at UC Davis!"

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