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Aaron Mead

Aaron Mead
M.A., Philosophy, 2007

* Ph.D. student in the UCLA philosophy department beginning fall 2007, with a specialty in ethics.
* "I love the creativity and intellectual stimulation of scholarship, particularly when it is focused on the deepest questions of our lives, such as how we should treat one another."

Cal State L.A. experience:

* "The philosophy department at Cal State L.A. was a wonderful place for me to hone my craft as a philosopher."
* "The faculty are top-notch-all trained in the best PhD programs in the country-and they always made time in their busy schedules for one-on-one interaction."
* "Getting to know Cal State L.A. faculty has been the best part of my time here. I feel I have been welcomed into a community of scholars."
* "My M.A. from Cal State L.A. was a helpful stepping stone to a Ph.D. program. I didn't have an undergraduate degree in philosophy, so my M.A. program helped me get up to speed in my field."

Why Cal State L.A.?

* "In addition to the excellence of the faculty, Cal State L.A. was close to home, affordable, and provided lots of financial support."
* "The California Pre-doctoral program has been a particularly extraordinary support for me as an aspiring scholar."

Future plans:

* "My ultimate goal is to be a professor of philosophy. The congeniality of the department at Cal State L.A. has opened me to the possibility of one day teaching in the CSU system."

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