Student and Alumni Profiles.

Photo Major Name

Dana Weiser

Lesley Anne Asistio
M.A., Theatre Arts, 2009

* Graduate student in the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance at Cal State L.A. with a focus on Theatre for Women of Color.
* Working on culminating project: writing and producing a play (The VirginMotherWhore 2009: Image) that addresses the controlling images of women in the media and the intersecting oppressions of race and gender.

Cal State L.A. experience:

* "I attended Cal State L.A. as an undergraduate student and loved the school so much that I stayed for my master's degree. At Cal State L.A., I cultivated a passion for women's issues and developed a mission for my art; I not only learned how to but also why I do theatre."
* "Through scholarships from the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, CSU Summer Arts, and the Office of Graduate Studies, I was able to study theatre at the 2006 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Playwriting Intensive in Washington DC, the 2007 CSU Summer Arts Solo Performance Workshop in Fresno, California, and the 2008 Prince William Sound Community College Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska. Through these educational adventures, I developed as a student, an artist, and a person by exploring the theatre industry outside of Los Angeles and networking with theatre professionals from around the world."
* "As a graduate student, I had the privilege of mounting three shows in our school's experimental student theatre, The Nest, and I went on to produce all three shows in Hollywood. As an artist, I learned how to view my craft from a business perspective, self-produce my shows, and build up my own audience base."

Why Cal State L.A.?

* "As an undergrad I attended and dropped out of five other schools (2 universities and 3 community colleges) because I always felt like a number. At Cal State L.A., my professors cared about me, saw my potential, and wouldn't let me fail."
* "The theory and practice of theatre balanced out. By taking feminist courses alongside theatre seminars, I enhanced the form and content of my art. Now I have something to say and a unique way of saying it."
* "Cal State L.A. has a culture of its own. The campus is extremely diverse with people of different races, ethnicities, backgrounds, social classes, etc. That's something you don't get from every college in America."

Future plans:

* "To create The VirginMotherWhore Project, a non-profit organization that empowers women and girls of color through arts education."
* "After doing an Interdisciplinary Studies master's program at Cal State L.A., I see that we can cross boundaries and make our experiences multi-dimensional."
* "To write, direct, and perform plays that promote positive role models and create new images for women and girls of color."

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