Graduate Admissions

  1. What is the admission process and timeline for graduate students?

    Graduate admission to CSULA is a two step process. Applicants must meet the requirements of both the University and their intended program to complete the admissions process. Once all necessary documents are received, the Office of University Admissions usually is able to make a decision regarding the first step of the process within four to six weeks for domestic applicants.
    Graduate applicants should contact the program they are interested in to learn that program's departmental requirements, deadlines and processing timelines

  2. What are the GPA requirements for acceptance into graduate programs?

    Students should check with the individual department for updated information. In general, the minimum University GPA is 2.5 in the last 90 quarter units of undergraduate coursework. Master's program with a minimum GPA requirement other than 2.5 are listed below:
    • MA - Art Education - 3.0
    • MA - Art History -3.0
    • Master of Fine Art (MFA) - 3.0
    • MA - Anthropology - 2.75
    • MA - Child and Family Studies - 2.75.
    • MA - Communication Disorders - 3.0
    • MA - Communication Studies - 3.0
    • MS - Criminal Justice - 2.75
    • MS - Criminalistics - 2.75
    • MA - Education - check with Charter College of Education
    • MA - English - 3.0
    • MS - Geological Sciences - 2.75
    • MA - History - 3.0
    • MA - Kinesiology and Nutritional Science - 2.75
    • MA - Modern Languages and Literatures - 2.75 - 3.0
    • Master of Music (MM) - contact Department of Music
    • MS - Nursing and Health Science - 2.75
    • MA - Political Science - 3.00
    • MS - Public Administration - 2.75
    • MA/MS - Psychology - 2.75
    • MA - Sociology - 2.75
    • Master of Social Work (MSW) - 2.75
    • MA - Theater Arts - 3.0

  3. Can I take graduate courses prior to graduate admission?

    Yes, restrictions may apply to individual courses. Check the Schedule of Classes for restrictions and/or department approval.

  4. Which departments require Graduate Admissions Tests (GRE/GMAT) for admission?

    The following is a list of graduate programs which require a graduate admissions test:
    • MBA Business Administration -(GMAT)
    • MS Civil Engineering (if below 2.75)
    • MA Communication Disorders
    • MS Criminal Justice (includes new option in Forensic Mental Health)
    • MS Criminalistics
    • MA Economics
    • MS Mechanical Engineering (if below 2.75)
    • MS Psychology - with stipulations, must contact department
    • MSW Social Work

  5. I need to delay my entrance for graduate school. Will I have to reapply for admission?

    Yes, an application to the university will have to be submitted for the quarter the student is planning to attend. The student should also check with the department they intend to enter for re-application procedures to the department.

  6. How can I find out the status of my application?

    You may contact the admissions office at (323)343-3901.

  7. 7. If I have not applied to the university and would like pre-admission counseling, where should I go?

    If you are unclear as to which degree program you wish to pursue, you can make an appointment to see the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research by calling (323) 343-3820, or, if you wish to find out more information about a specific program offered, call the department office to make an appointment with the graduate advisor. Click here to view office listings.

  8. Are letters of recommendation required? If so, to whom do I turn those letters in?

    At least two letters of recommendation are required for most programs. It is best to check with the specific department you are applying to, and to whom the letters should be addressed to.

  9. If I am interested in getting a certificate, which application do I fill out?

    Certificate applicants are required to complete the Graduate/Post-baccalaureate Application for Admission. Applicants should inquire to the department offering the certificate for specific guidelines.
  10. Can I apply to a masters program and to the credential program at the same time? If so, what is the procedure to declare both programs?

    Yes, courses for both a master's degree and credential can be taken concurrently. Students need to inquire with the department offering the master's degree to ensure the correct credential courses are taken through the Charter College of Education. Additional guidelines from the Charter College of Education can be obtained by contacting the Student Services Office at (323) 343-4320.

Financial Resources

  1. What are the resources available for financial support for graduate students at this university?

  2. There are various sources available.

  3. What are the financial resources available for students planning to proceed to a doctoral program?

  4. The two programs available are the Pre-Doctoral program (if you have an interest in pursuing a doctoral) and the Forgivable Loan program (upon entering a doctoral program or currently in a doctoral program).

  5. What financial support is available for international students and/or non-residents of California?

  6. There is limited sources of financial support for international and/or non-California resident students. The International Student Fee Waiver is available for qualifying CSULA international graduate students. Click here for more information.

  7. Is there funding available to support students who wish to present papers at conferences and/or professional meetings?

  8. The "Student Application Travel Support for Presentations at National Conferences" is available in the Office of Graduate Studies, Administration 710. In addition, the Pre-Doctoral Program can provide funds.

General Questions

  1. How much is the application fee?

  2. The cost to apply to the university is $55.00. This is a non-refundable fee which cannot be deferred if student does not enroll the quarter applied to.

  3. Which graduate programs are offered at Cal State LA?

  4. Click here to view Catalog contents.

  5. Where can I get a University catalog?

  6. Catalogs can be purchased at the bookstore in the University Student Union, (323) 343-2500.

  7. What is the definition of a "full-time student"?

  8. A graduate student is considered full-time if they are enrolled for either 8 quarter units of 500-level courses, or 12 quarter units of 400-level and 500-level coursework in any one quarter.

  9. I cannot attend next quarter; will I still maintain my continuing status?

  10. You may take up to two quarters off without breaking continuing student status. Upon applying for and getting an approved Leave of Absence, graduate students may take a maximum of four quarters per year without breaking their continuing student status, of which the preceding two quarters will be included.

  11. If I need to take more than 1 or 2 quarters off, what do I do?

  12. A student must apply for a Leave of Absence if they plan to take more than TWO successive quarters off. You must apply for a leave of absence no less than 3 weeks before the end of the quarter before the proposed leave. Only one year (4 quarters) is allowed for graduates.

  13. How do I apply for leave of absence from my graduate program?

  14. Petitions for Leave of Absence are available at Administration 146. All required signatures must be obtained before submitting to Administration 146.

  15. What is the procedure for changing my status from undeclared to declared?

  16. The department office personnel of the program you are entering will generate the necessary paperwork to the appropriate records office.

  17. What does the Department of Graduate Studies do?

  18. The Office of Graduate Studies provides leadership and service to promote higher education. The office is the administrative office over the graduate curriculum, policies and procedures and oversees the following programs for CSLA graduate students: Graduate Equity Fellowship Program; International Graduate Student Tuition Waiver Program; the California Pre-Doctoral Program; and the CSU Forgivable Loan/Doctoral Incentive Program.

  19. Where is your office located?

  20. The Office of Graduate Studies is located in the Administration Building, Room 710.

  21. What are your office hours?

  22. Our hours of operation are the following: Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Friday, 8:30 - 5:00


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