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Graduation Initiative

Team Members


Note: the Graduation Initiative Team has become the Retention and Graduation Planning Group, a subcommittee of the Enrollment Management Steering Committee.


Bea Yorker, Dean, Health and Human Services

Becky Hopkins, Director, Educational Opportunity Program

Bill Chang, Director, ITS - CMS and Enterprise Systems

Catherine Haras, Acting Director, Center for Effective Teaching and Learning

Chris Lenz, Director, Career Center

David Connors, Acting Director, Program Review and Assessment

Diane Fazzi, Acting Associate Dean, Charter College of Education

Eleanor Ferguson Marshalleck, Associate Dean, Health and Human Services

Hector Escobar, ASI Vice President for Academic Governance

Holly Menzies, Faculty, Special Education and Counseling

Joan Woosley, University Registrar

Karin Elliott-Brown, Acting Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research

Mae Santos, Assistant Vice President and University Budget Director

Marcia Murota, Director, University Academic Advisement Center

Mark Pavelchak, Director, Institutional Research

Nancy Hunt, Senate Chair

Nancy Miron, Advancement

Nancy Wada-McKee, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs/Student Services

Peter McAllister, Dean, Arts and Letters

Robert Desharnais, Faculty, Biological Sciences

Stephen Fleischer, Director, Housing Services

Steve Classen, Faculty, Television, Film and Media Studies

Steve Jones, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Valerie Talavera-Bustillos, Faculty, Chicano Studies

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