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Upper Division GE (Themes)

Upper Division GE Themes

Students at Cal State LA are required to complete a 12-unit upper division theme as part of the General Education program. A theme consists of three interrelated courses on the same topic, designed to help students acquire knowledge of topics that are current, enduring, and of significant importance for humanity. Topics are designed to promote: an understanding of oneself and one’s fellow human beings, the social and physical environment, and a wide range of cultural achievements; an understanding of the shared concerns of all people as well as diverse cultural heritages; and an awareness of ethical and social concerns and a cultivation of moral responsibility.

Courses in each theme are distributed among three areas including: Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences and Humanities. Students are thereby provided with the perspectives of at least three different disciplines on the theme’s topic and must select one course from each area for the theme selected. Completion of the lower division basic subjects requirement is prerequisite to all upper division theme courses, as well as completion of any additional lower division general education course that may be required as a prerequisite. Courses used to meet upper division general education requirements may not be used for a major.

Additionally, students must choose theme courses outside of their major department/division/school unless a departmental/divisional/school waiver has been approved by the General Education Subcommittee.

Students may meet the general education diversity requirement (2 courses) by completing courses designated as diversity courses at the lower or upper division level from among courses satisfying general education requirements. All courses approved to meet the diversity requirement are designated as (d) by each course.

Students who have completed the upper division theme are deemed to be "G.E. satisfied" at the upper division level. Students will not be held to further upper division G.E. course requirements upon a change of major.

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