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Theme H. Race, Diversity, And Justice

Theme coordinator: Dr. Michael Willard

"Race, Diversity and Justice" is a theme that integrates the investigation of contemporary issues of racism and social injustice with the goal of understanding what attitudes and behaviors prevent equal treatment for all peoples. This theme presents the conceptual and historical background necessary for responsible and moral judgment, subsequent action, and the embracement of cultural diversity in a world that is composed of many cultures and societies.

Students must choose theme courses outside of their major department/division/school unless a waiver has been approved by the General Education Subcommittee. One course from three areas: Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Social Sciences and Humanities (12 units required) must be completed. The courses in this theme are listed below.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Area: ANTH 361, ANTH/PHIL 385, HS 370

Social Sciences Area: (d)COMM/POLS 342, (d)HIST 352, (d) SOC 348, (d)SW 362

HumanitiesArea: (d)ENGL/PAS 377, (d)CHS/LAS335, (d)PHIL 323, (d)TVF 334

(d) denotes diversity courses which will satisfy both the upper division and diversity requirements.

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