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Theme G. The Global Environment: Past, Present, and Future

Note: Effective Fall Quarter 2004, Theme G is discontinued. Only students who started Theme G prior to Fall 2004 may enroll in Theme G courses. See the Director of General Education for information about course substitutions or other questions about this theme.

This theme explores how the global environment and its resource have evolved, how the environment works and how humans precipitate, exacerbate, and are affected by global change. The future of humanity within a sustainable world society is addressed. The theme emphasizes the moral responsibilities of individuals in solving environment problems. The interconnectedness of the natural and social sciences and the humanities is stressed in an attempt to understand ourselves and our need to learn from and work with the global environment rather than to conquer it.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics BIOL 341N/GEOL 341 CE/GEOG 358

Social Sciences GEOG/POLS 322 GEOG 341

Humanities ART 315

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