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Theme D. Urban Life and Environment

Theme coordinator: Dr. Stephen Rothman

This theme contributes to an understanding of urbanization, its causes and consequences, and the urban experience from a variety of points of view. Courses explore the city as a special kind of human habitat and the relations between social and natural environments. Students gain the tools to comprehend the social, political, economic and cultural complexities of cities and the human and natural forces that shape urban life, experiences and environments.

Students must choose theme courses outside of their major department/division/school unless a waiver has been approved by the General Education Subcommittee. One course from three areas: Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Social Sciences and Humanities (12 units required) must be completed. The courses in this theme are listed below.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics area: CE 352, GEOG/HS 309, GEOG 310, GEOL 357

Social Sciences area: (d)CHDV 321, GEOG 376, HIST 383, SOC 330

Humanities area: ART 317, (d)COMM 389, ML 300, TAD 316

(d) denotes diversity courses which will satisfy both the upper division and diversity requirements.

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