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Theme Courses

Courses are all 300-level courses.

All upper-division theme courses must include as prerequisites the completion of the Basic Subjects and at least one course each from blocks B, C, and D.

A theme course may not be prerequisite to another, although an order may be recommended. If a sequence of courses is needed, the theme must be proposed as a single 12-unit course sequence with suffixes "abc."

Courses must require writing assignments consistent with General Education policy.

Courses used to meet upper division general education requirements may not be used for a major.

Each area within a theme should be offered equally and all courses must be offered at least once per year.

The number of students in upper-division theme classes should allow for student/faculty and student/student interaction and for timely feedback on writing assignments. This is normally not more than 40 students per class.

Student must choose theme courses outside of their major department/division/school unless a departmental/divisional/school waiver has been approved by the General Education Subcommittee.


Upon completion of the theme students shall understand the topic of the theme from the perspective of at least three disciplines.

In the context of the topic of the theme, students shall have increased their understanding and appreciation of several of the goals of General Education, specifically: (a) an understanding of themselves and their fellow human beings, the social and physical environment and a wide range of cultural achievements; (b) an understanding of the shared concerns of all people as well as diverse cultural heritages; (c) an awareness of ethical and social concerns and a cultivation of moral responsibility.

Students shall be provided with opportunities to improve upon the basic skills of General Education, namely, oral and written communication, critical thinking, and where appropriate, mathematical skills.

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