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Theme C. Gender in the Diversity of Human Experience

Theme coordinator: Dr. Dionne Espinoza

This theme provides an integrated inquiry into the implication of gender, exploring its meaning, significance, and status within the diversity of human experience and representations of sex and gender specific to the multitude of cultures and societies making up the human experience, both historically and today.

Students must choose theme courses outside of their major department/division/school unless a waiver has been approved by the General Education Subcommittee. One course from three areas: Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Social Sciences and Humanities (12 units required) must be completed. The courses in this theme are listed below.

Natural Science Area: ANTH 310, BIOL 388N/PSY 388, LBS 386, NURS 330

Social Science Area: (d) ANTH 338, (d) HIST 357, (d) POLS, 310, (d) SOC, 341

Humanities Area: (d)COMM 385/ENGL, (d) ENGL/TVF 379, (d) PHIL 327, (d) RELS 335

(d) denotes diversity courses which will satisfy both the upper division and diversity requirements.

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