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Theme B. perspective On Violence

Theme coordinator: Dr. Gail Washington

The Perspectives on Violence theme utilizes a multidisciplinary approach that provides comprehensive investigations, discussions, and the debate about theories, research and conflict/violence reduction strategies relevant to the causes and effects of violent behavior. The theme is structured to increase students understanding of the nature, causes and complexities of violence in its myriad forms, including the study of how, when, and why it occurs as well as what can be done to reduce it.

Students must choose theme courses outside of their major department/division/school unless a waiver has been approved by the General Education Subcommittee. One course from three areas: Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Social Sciences and Humanities (12 units required) must be completed. The courses in this theme are listed below.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Area: ANTH 315, HS/NURS 308, NURS/PSY 307

Social Sciences Area: COMD/PSY 309, HIST/POLS 351, NURS/SW 355, SOC 383

HumanitiesArea: ENGL 382, PHIL 325, TA 314, TVF 366

(d) denotes diversity courses which will satisfy both the upper division and diversity requirements.

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