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Theme A. Challenge of Change in the Developing World

Theme coordinator: Dr. Enrique Ochoa

This theme explores the dilemmas faced by the peoples of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America as they struggle to overcome legacies of colonialism and economic dependence. The developing countries are characterized by severe social and cultural tensions, physical complexities and challenges to themselves and the rest of the world. Their current integration into the global economy marks a crucial stage in world history. The natural science courses assess their physical settings, constraints and possibilities; the social science courses analyze social, political and economic processes of change; the humanities component examines the dynamic interplay among the arts, religion and cultural values.

Students must choose theme courses outside of their major department/division/school unless a waiver has been approved by the General Education Subcommittee. One course from three areas: Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Social Sciences and Humanities (12 units required) must be completed. The courses in this theme are listed below.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics area: GEOG/GEOL 312, GEOG 333, GEOL 351, HS 356

Social Sciences area: COMM/LBS 395,. ECON 360, HIST 360 , (d)LAS/PAS/POLS 360

Humanities area: (d)LAS/PAS 342, (d) MUS 358 , PHIL 334 , TVF 324

(d) denotes diversity courses which will satisfy both the upper division and diversity requirements

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