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Lower division General Education

The lower division general education classes form an important component of students' education at Cal State Los Angeles. In order to be a well-educated, successful, and valuable participant in our rapidly changing global community, students need more than a professional or vocational training. When they graduate, they will enter a world in which they can expect to hold different jobs, and indeed even work in a succession of careers over the course of their lives. In order to prepare for this exciting, challenging future, they need during their college years not only to specialize in a major and train for a career, but to become more broadly educated, conversant with at least some of the many rapidly changing disciplines. They need to gain a sense of our past achievements, present developments, and future possibilities. At Cal State Los Angeles, students enlarge their perspectives (historical, aesthetic, cultural, literary, scientific, philosophical), improve their critical and analytical thinking, and learn skills in finding, managing, and communicating knowledge through completing these classes.

The Structure of the General Education Program

The general education breadth requirements are structured so that introductory courses are taken prior to participation in integrative experiences. Students are expected to complete the general education requirements in written and oral communication, critical thinking, and mathematics, and general education prerequisite courses before enrolling in any upper division general education theme course. All courses approved for general education credit, including those lower division courses that also earn credit toward a major, are mandated to require the practice of writing in English including, where appropriate, library assignments. Evaluation of writing is included in all courses.

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