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outcomes in Block d

Criteria for Block D. Social Sciences

The courses in the social sciences block must reflect the fact that human, social, political, and economic institutions and behavior are inextricably interwoven. No course which is to be included in Block D should be devoted exclusively to a specific nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, culture, or social institution. Course content should be comparative in nature.

Outcomes of Blocks B, C, and D

1. Upon completion of a block, students will have acquired content area knowledge in at least two disciplines, through which they can begin to understand more fully the processes of inquiry of the disciplines within the block.

2. As a result of completing a block, students will have acquired a broader base of information outside their own discipline.

3. As a result of completing a block, students will have developed a greater understanding of the relationship of their own discipline to a broad spectrum of other areas of study.

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