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outcomes in Block c

Criteria for C1. Literature and Drama

1. The content of literature and drama courses in this group should be selected on the basis of literary and dramatic merit, whether of written or oral tradition.

2. Courses in this area should consider the cultural and social concerns which have affected the nature and forms of the works studied.

3. Courses in this area should require students to make critical, creative or interpretive judgments about literary and dramatic works.

Criteria for C2. Arts

1. Courses in the arts should focus on cultivation of the imagination and develop sensitivity to all arts disciplines.

2. Arts courses should include, where appropriate, direct participation in creative experiences.

3. These courses should require students to demonstrate their own ability to make critical, creative or interpretive judgments about artistic works in both the visual and performing arts thereby engaging in an intellectual process which increases their understanding and appreciation. While arts courses considered as a whole block must encompass both visual and performing arts and cultivate a sensitivity to all arts disciplines, it is not required that each individual course meet these standards. Individual courses should draw connections among the arts where appropriate.

Criteria for C3. Philosophy and Religious Studies

1. Courses in this area should focus on fundamental human beliefs and an investigation and an analysis of the justification of those beliefs.

2. The great thinkers and ideas presented should be representative of major traditions in the development of philosophy.

Criteria for C4. Languages Other than English

Courses in this area should rely heavily on usage of language skills within a cultural/social context and include an examination of a number of aspects of the culture of the language being studied, including but not limited to customs and social, political, and cultural institutions.

Outcomes of Blocks B, C, and D

1. Upon completion of a block, students will have acquired content area knowledge in at least two disciplines, through which they can begin to understand more fully the processes of inquiry of the disciplines within the block.

2. As a result of completing a block, students will have acquired a broader base of information outside their own discipline.

3. As a result of completing a block, students will have developed a greater understanding of the relationship of their own discipline to a broad spectrum of other areas of study.

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