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Outcomes for Basic Subjects

Basic Subjects Criteria

Oral and Written Communication.

a. Communication courses should focus on the significant content and forms of human communication.

b. These courses should emphasize reasoning and advocacy, organization, accuracy and the skills of discovery, critical evaluation and reporting of information.

c. Student participation in communication courses should include reading, speaking, writing and listening

Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning.

a. Courses in this area must have a prerequisite of intermediate algebra and should encompass inquiry into basic mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning and their application. Courses that are designed for a particular major are not appropriate.

b. Any mathematics courses for which a course at the level of college algebra or higher is a prerequisite may be substituted.

Critical Thinking.

a. Courses in critical thinking should focus primarily on the further development of skills of analysis, criticism, advocacy, and inductive and deductive reasoning and impart an understanding of the relationship of language to logic.

b. Courses in this area should enable students to distinguish between knowledge and belief, facts and values, and enable students to develop an understanding of the fallacies of communication and thought.

Basic Subjects Outcomes

Within the context of the General Education program at Cal State, L.A., the basic subjects core is intended to build upon and enhance students' capabilities leading to a successful higher education experience. Essential to basic subjects is the acquisition of a fundamental understanding of effective communication, quantitative analysis and critical reasoning and inquiry. Students who successfully complete the basic subjects core will have acquired:

1. oral and written communication skills to succeed in their academic programs;

2. initial skills in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning to enter their academic programs, and;

3. critical thinking skills to succeed in their academic programs.

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