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Outcomes for American Institutions

American Institutions Criteria and Outcomes

1. The subject matter elements to be included in giving consideration to the historical development of American institutions and ideals, all of which are necessary to satisfy this requirement, are as follows:

a. Significant events occurring in the whole area now included in the United States of America, including relationships of regions within that area and with external regions and powers as appropriate to the understanding of those events within the United States during the time period considered.

b. Significant events covering a time span of not less than 100 years during the period from 1750 to the present.

c. The important contributions of the major national, ethnic, and social groups to the events considered and the contexts in which they occurred.

d. The events within a framework that illustrates the continuity of the American experience within itself and with the cultures from which it was derived, and the relationships of politics, economics, society, cultural diversity, geography, and natural resources to the development of the nation during the time period covered.

2. The subject matter elements to be included in giving consideration to the Constitution of the United States and the operation of representative democratic government under that Constitution and the processes of California state and local government, all of which are necessary to satisfy this requirement, are as follows:

a. The political philosophies of the framers of the Constitution and of the nature and operation of United States political institutions and processes that operate under that Constitution as amended and interpreted.

b. The rights and obligations of citizens under the democratic political system established under the Constitution.

c. The Constitution of the State of California within the framework of historic evolution of the state and the nature and processes of state and local government under that Constitution.

d. The relationships of state and local government to the federal government, the resolutions of conflicts and the establishment of cooperative processes under the Constitutions of both the state and the nation, and the political processes involved.

3. Courses in this area must reflect the subject matter within the context of a diverse society.


Upon completion of this block students will:

1. Understand the subject matter of American institutions within the context of a changing multi-cultural society including the impact of government on the introduction and modification of various cultures and institutions in the United States and the effect of new cultures and institutions on the structures and policies of government;

2. Understand the effects of historical, technological and economic changes on government and the effects of governmental policy on technological and economic change;

3. Understand the effects of changes in the global society on the nature and role of the United States government and American institutions as well as the influence of American institutions on a global society; and

4. Understand the requirements for democratic citizenship, including skills in critical thinking and the need for various modes of regular participation by the citizenry.

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