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Natural Sciences (block B)

Block B Natural Sciences (8-12 units)

The natural sciences play a vital role in society. In block B classes, students develop knowledge of scientific theories, concepts, and data about both living and non-living systems. Students will achieve an understanding and appreciation of scientific principles and the scientific method, as well as the potential limits of scientific endeavors and the value systems and ethics associated with human inquiry.

At Cal State LA, this block requires one course each from physical sciences and from biological sciences, both with lab (8 units). The third required course may be an integrated course or a course that addresses the application of scientific knowledge and technology to human beings and their concerns (4 units). Students majoring in biological science-based fields need only one physical science GE course and one other natural science GE course. Students majoring in physical science-based field need only one biological science-based GE course and one other natural science GE course. If in doubt about your needs in this block, consult with an advisor.

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