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General Education (GE)

About General Education

The General Education (GE) program at Cal State LA is designed to provide students the opportunity to improve or refine their basic skills and to develop a broad base of knowledge from a wide range of disciplines in the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Foundational skills including written and oral communication, critical thinking and quantitative reasoning, addition to being a distinct area, are also included in the lower division GE courses. Students learn the importance of participating in a democracy, an appreciation for our shared cultural heritage, and an understanding of our environment, both locally with an emphasis on Los Angeles and globally. In the GE program students also acquire the intellectual tools for life-long intellectual and personal growth, skills that are especially important in this rapidly changing world.

GE has two parts, lower division courses (numbered lower than 300) that are divided into “blocks” and eight upper division themes, each with courses numbered between 300 and 399 in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Each theme addresses different areas of importance or enduring interest. Students should try to choose courses in the GE program that interest them as they provide an opportunity to sample different academic areas and may help a student find their major field of study.

For help in choosing courses to meet the University requirements or to see if transfer courses can substitute for CSULA’s GE courses, please go to the University Academic Advising Center.

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