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General Education at Cal State L.A. is devoted to a number of basic goals, these include:

Developing an awareness of a sense of community and global inter dependence of human experience and of the concomitant ethical responsibilities to fellow human beings. The General Education program is designed to help students achieve a sense of the essential relationship of self to the community and environment with emphasis on their responsibilities to human society. Group and individualized experiences that encourage ethical behavior should be a part of the General Education program.

Fostering intellectual curiosity and appreciation of the major discoveries and achievements in the arts, letters, natural and social sciences, technology and other major academic disciplines. The General Education program is designed to stimulate curiosity for knowledge and excitement for lifelong learning. The nature of the courses and experiences in the program are planned to encourage students' interest in diverse aspects of education. The faculty is committed to offering students unique classroom opportunities and to challenging them to continue to study and learn long after course requirements are met. The General Education program includes an historical awareness of the major developments in the human experience as well as a contemporary awareness of the applications of new technologies which will play an increasingly important role in life.

Achieving competence in basic skills. The General Education program is designed to ensure that students master basic communication, critical thinking, and quantitative skills so that they may achieve academic excellence. In meeting this goal, the General Education program pays special attention to the multicultural nature of the Cal State L.A. campus community and to the needs of students who are limited in English language proficiency. Language development instruction is an integral part of General Education at Cal State L.A. The General Education program at Cal State L.A. places an emphasis on developing competence in the English language through its curriculum.

Recognizing and appreciating the multicultural nature of human existence in general and of American society in particular. The General Education program is designed to encourage students to develop appreciation for the multicultural dimensions of life in California, the nation, and the world. Uniquely on this campus, faculty draw upon the special expertise and the abundance of multicultural experiences of the student population in cultivating this cultural awareness. The General Education program offers students the opportunity to recognize the rich heritage and socially diverse environment of California and of the nation. The program also enables students to become aware of universal experiences that are part of all cultures as well as the varieties of value systems that are in operation in today's global society.

Developing an appreciation of a shared and diverse cultural heritage and cultivating an awareness of the contemporary world and its problems. The General Education program provides for its diverse student body a familiarity with a critical appraisal of American culture and its historical roots and antecedents. Students assess critically the impact and influence of American tradition, which includes the political economic social and communication systems, as well as the artistic and literary heritage, on the contemporary world.

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