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Committee Charge and Composition

The General Education Subcommittee

(Senate: 1/5/82, 3/6/90, 3/12/91, 8/17/99, 8//17/99, 7/17/01 5/20/03, 1/30/08[EA]; President: 1/18/82, 4/5/90, 3/29/91, 9/17/99, 9/17/99, 10/15/01, 9/5/03, 3/3/08; Editorial Amendment: 9/00, 8/01, 11/07)Charge. The General Education Subcommittee has the following responsibilities:

To consider all policy issues pertaining to general education and make recommendations thereon to the Educational Policy Committee.

To consult with individual faculty members, program, department/division/school, college, and administrative representatives concerning the various aspects of the general education program.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the guidelines and criteria for courses and themes in the general education program and to make recommendations for improvement.

To monitor the general education program and recommend approval of the content of the program including the addition, modification or deletion of specific courses and themes, subject to Title 5, Chancellor's Office Executive Orders, and campus guidelines and criteria.

To review department/division/school and college requests for variances from the general education program and to forward to the Educational Policy Committee those recommended for approval.

To review and approve or deny student petitions pertaining to general education.

Membership. The membership of this subcommittee shall be composed of the following:

One member from each college elected for staggered three-year terms according to procedures approved by a majority vote of the college faculty. Alternate members shall also be elected by these procedures. Faculty members in the Library and Student Affairs are considered the same as a college for this purpose.

One liaison member, selected annually by the Educational Policy Committee from its own membership.

One undergraduate student member selected annually by the Board of Directors of the Associated Students, Inc. The criteria for the student member are the same as those specified for student members of the Academic Senate (Constitution of the Faculty, Section h, Appendix B of the Faculty Handbook).

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee who serves ex officio as executive secretary, non-voting.

Quorum. A quorum shall be a majority of the voting members of the subcommittee.

Officers and Duties.

The officers of this subcommittee are chair and vice chair who shall be elected annually at the last meeting of the spring quarter by the members of the following year's subcommittee.

The chair shall call regularly scheduled meetings of the subcommittee and shall set the agenda.

The chair shall determine by the second week of the spring quarter the faculty replacement needs for the following year and shall so notify the standing committee chair.

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