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Breadth Requirements

a. All courses, including General Education replacement courses, approved for General Education are mandated to require the practice of writing in English, including, where appropriate, library assignments. Evaluation of such writing shall be included in all courses.

b. General Education breadth requirements will provide ample opportunity for students to be active learners during their educational experience.

c. The General Education breadth requirements shall be organized in such a manner that their objectives shall be perceived as interrelated elements rather than isolated fragments.

d. The General Education breadth requirements shall be structured so that introductory courses are taken prior to participation in integrative experiences. Students are expected to have completed the General Education requirements in written communication, oral communication, critical thinking, and mathematics, and at least one course each from blocks B, C, and D before enrolling in any upper division General Education course. No course with a non-General Education prerequisite may be used as a General Education course.

e. The General Education breadth requirements shall be organized into a variety of cores or themes with unifying rationales among which students may choose.

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