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Ad Hoc GE Revision Steering Committee

The Academic Senate and the Provost are convening the Ad Hoc GE Revision Steering Committee. Nine tenured/tenure-track faculty members (one from each college and the Library and two at-large) will be appointed to the Steering Committee from these self-nominations. The committee will begin the bulk of its work in the Fall, but it is expected that one or two organizational meetings will occur during the Summer. The charge of this Steering Committee is as follows:

1. Planning the GE revision process, such as proposing a timeframe, identifying major tasks/steps, and establishing milestones/deadlines for each of the steps,

2. Collecting, analyzing and disseminating, as appropriate, information relevant to the GE revision process (e.g., studying comparable public institutions and their GE models, identifying institutions that have recently revised their GE and how they dealt with issues of FTE, disciplinary competition, innovative scheduling, interdisciplinary curriculum, and other systemic resource issues),

3. Planning, conducting or overseeing “conversations” (such as the Campus Conversation on GE and college level events or activities) and other related activities (e.g., e-discussion groups, blogs, suggested readings lists, etc.) to help ensure the involvement, understanding, and input of the campus community in the GE revision process,

4. Proposing revised policy including a mission statement, framework, learning outcomes, etc. for a revised GE program that reflects information collected from campus GE Conversations, best practices, high impact practices, LEAP principles and addresses the requirements of EO 1033,

5. Proposing a process for developing courses and criteria for selecting courses in the revised GE program (to be voted on by the Academic Senate),

6. Reporting to, and soliciting input from, the Provost, the Executive Committee of the Senate, and the Educational Policy Committee at least twice quarterly. In addition, individual members shall report to, and solicit input from, the groups they represent (each college, the Library, ASI, Deans, and Associate Deans) at least once quarterly, and the Committee shall report on a quarterly basis to the Academic Senate on its progress.

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