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Lipton/Modarres Fellowship

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Ethan Lipton/Ali Modarres Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
California State University, Los Angeles

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Lipton/Modarres Fellowship Prizes: Fellowship Award:

The Legal Aid and Advocacy Clinic. Dr. Martin Adamian, Political Science
Proof of Concept Awards:
Music Education Pre-Service Teaching Curriculum. Dr. Emily Moss, Music
Global Citizenship and Food Justice: Past, Present, Future. Dr. Choi Chatterjee and Dr. Scott Wells, History

The Purpose of the Fellowship
The Ethan Lipton/Ali Modarres Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching and Learning was established by two University alumni in honor of their Cal State L.A. professors, who they say inspired them and made a positive impact on their lives.  The fellowship is named for the honorees: professors Ethan Lipton and Ali Modarres.  The purpose of the fellowship is to acknowledge the importance of life - changing teaching practices and to encourage inspirational teaching and mentoring.  This fellowship provides support for a promising Cal State L.A. faculty member to further develop his/her skills in helping students attain their potential. 

The successful applicant is one who (a) wishes to develop or enhance their pedagogical, curriculum, or mentoring skills, or engage in ancillary activities, which will lead to improvements in the achievement of student learning and (b) proposes an innovative approach for achieving them. The fellowship is to be used to assist a faculty member to significantly invest in his/her students’ academic performance, professional preparation and personal development.  Faculty will be considered who have a sustained interest in and show promise for excellence in teaching and facilitating learning; have further interest in making their subject matter clearly understood, relevant, and inspiring to their students; and/or who invest their time in mentoring students.  
An institutional grant of up to $20,000 is available to support a project for a one year period, commencing September 1, 2013 and ending August 31, 2014.  These fellowship funds are available to support a range of activities including, but not limited to, release time for professional development, and related travel, workshop and conference attendance, focusing on pedagogical development.  If a faculty fellow chooses to be paired with a faculty mentor from within his/her discipline or from another discipline, funds may be used to support such collaborations as well.


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