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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why do we have to do Program Review?

2. Why does my program have to participate in Program Review if we are already accredited?

3. What is the procedure for accredited programs with regard to Program Review?

4. What is a modified self-study report for accredited programs?

5. What is the PRS timeline?

6. What are the different steps in the review?

7. What are the roles of the Dean, the Program Head and Program faculty in Program Review?

8. How does our program get external reviewers?

9. What is the process for external review?

10. Is there an orientation for self-study preparation review?

11. Who should write the self-study? Who should be involved in the Program Review process from the program?

12. What is in the self-study?

13. What is the procedure for getting data from Institutional Research (IR)?

14. How do we find data on our program alumni?

15. How does your committee review our program?

16. What is included in an assessment plan?

17. Do we have to provide evidence that we have made changes to our program as a result of student outcome data?

18. How do GE courses offered in our program fit into Program Review?

19. What information do we need to report about our GE courses? Does assessment of GE outcomes matter in Program Review?

20. What is the difference between the five-year plan and the action plan?

21. What has to be in a five-year plan?

22. What type of evidence helps justify our program’s self-recommendations?

23. How do we know how we did on the self-study?

24. What data needs to be collected for Program Review?

25. Why do we have to turn in an annual report?

26. What’s in an annual report?

27. What data should we collect on a regular basis to make it easier to complete the self-study next time?

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